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Dance Classes

KatDance Classes

Kuddly Kittens - Age 3-4 - Creative Dance Adventures - 45 min.
Kute Kubs - Age 5-6 - Creative Dance Adventures - 1 hour
Kool Kats - Age 7-10 - Ballet, Jazz Dance - 1 hour
Kreative Kougars - 11-up - Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater! - 1.15 hr
Wild Kats - Our Awesome Boy Dancers!

2024 Dance Season Runs January 2024 - November 2024 (August Summer Break)

Most of our classes are open only to the residents or members of that club, location or community, not to the general public. 

If you are interested in offering the KatDance Program at your facility, we'd love to hear from you! 

Why Dance?
For the pure joy of movement! 


But what we really teach is discipline,  positive self-esteem, confidence and respect; qualities that carry through adulthood.  These qualities prepare young people for success in school, in careers and in life.  Early dance training teaches them to be life-long learners...self-awareness, coordination, physical fitness, self-control, good listening skills, cooperation, and perseverance...qualities we all want to see in our children!  In addition, our classes foster creativity and encourage students to explore and take risks.  We get the privilege of introducing them to movement and music and wonder!  The question is...

Why NOT dance?

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