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Dress Code

Please Note:  Class Leotards are ONLY available online or from Mrs. Kathy.  

Class Leotard Colors


Level 1

Kuddly Kittens

Ages 3-4


Level 2

Kute Kubs

Ages 5-6


Level 3

Kool Kats

Ages 7-10


Level 4

Kreative Kougars

Ages 11-up



Why Have We Chosen a Dress Code?


We require a specific leotard and shoes for class.  Why?  For many reasons:

  • It simplifies things for parents, you’ll know exactly what your student needs and how to get it.

  • It will help the students put the focus on learning and not on fashion.

  • It will teach that discipline is required to be part of dance class.

  • It defines our levels and gives the students a sense of belonging to our Katdance family.

  • The students really enjoy progressing through the Kitty ranks and getting a new color leotard and t-shirt!



  • Of course, we occasionally have dance days when the students can wear any dancewear or costume they like...that's always fun too!





1. Purchase Dancewear from Mrs. Kathy:





Levels 1-2-3 

$38 for Class Leotard and Tights. Limited Stock. 

2. Purchase Dancewear Online at:


Use the link above to see our Class Dress Lists. 

All dancers need Ballet Pink Tights and Class Leotard with attached skirt:


Level 1 – Kuddly Kittens – Pink

Level 2 – Kute Kubs – Light Blue

Level 3 – Kool Kats – Lavender

Level 4 – Kreative Kougars – Black


Level 1-2-3-4  Ballet Shoes: 

Pink Leather Ballet Slippers -

Bloch "Belle" or "Giselle" slipper for Levels 1-2-3 because they have NO TIES.  For Level 4 Ballet, trying on Capezio "Hanami" (they are super soft!) or Bloch Brand Ballet Slippers. 

Sizing Ballet Shoes can be tricky. 

If Ordering BELLE Ballet slipper from Amazon, we recommend ordering one size larger than street shoe size.

To be fitted for shoes in person, we recommend Make Believe Dancewear on Parental Home Road.


Level 4  Jazz Shoes:  Bloch ‘Super Jazz’ slip on Jazz Shoe (or similar) in tan. ASK your teacher before you purchase jazz shoes.


Boys (Wild Kats): Black gym shorts/sweat pants/dance pants and a solid color t-shirt,  black jazz shoes


Hair:  Must be secured off the neck, preferred in a bun or pulled back with barrettes or headband for short hair.

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